The view

The view from Comanche Trace last night was also halcyon, to use once again a word I deployed regarding the River Trail.

By the way, the River Trail is still being robbed with an also-ran #4 placing by Trip Advisor, which continues to baffle me. TA did get it right by showcasing four parks or nature areas among the Top 10, because as much as I considered myself outdoorsy in New York (true!), I spend a whole lot more time outside here, especially around the river. Their Top 10 Things To Do In Kerrville¬†also got it right with The Museum of Western Art which, as of this posting, is still holding steady at #3. But “The Ol’ Rusted Cross” — or, as those who wouldn’t mind being shunned by almost all the local churches might say, “The Big Ass Cross” — is still defending its #1 spot, like a boss on a hill in a video game, waiting to take on all comers. I wonder: would a different sacred site like a cow’s feeding trough, maybe one that just so happened to be infant-sized, placed in an out-of-the-way location, like the underpass of the Sidney Baker bridge where teens go to make out, still garner the #1 spot?

I digress to a pissy rant.

Last night was…halcyon.

And today was Palm Sunday. I started my day on the body of water next to the #4 attraction.

The view WSW from the lake at Comanche Trace, off Bandera Highway, about 10pm last night.

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