The Dexter knife: my 3-minute review

I have two main “chef’s knives” in my kitchen quiver: a Misen chef knife and a Dexter knife. I’ll cover my thoughts on the Misen at a later time, but this is just a quick take on the Dexter knife.



I’ll admit that one of the very pedestrian reasons I wanted a Dexter knife was because of Jon Favreau’s character in “Chef.” One of my favorite movies.

Jon Favreau in “Chef.” One of my all-time favorite films.

And yes, perhaps it was that his passion for and for his work with food — an inherently creative and sense-oriented activity — was appealing.

He actually used a different knife in most scenes, but I seemed to recall that he got a Dexter knife for his son. The two of them traveled the country with John Leguizamo in a food truck. Perhaps it was because food was featured prominently, but food was only the backdrop for the real plot, or should I say plots, which are classic movie tropes:

  • food movie
  • love story
  • buddy movie
  • travel/road trip movie
  • father-son story

Dexter knife seems to be the “classic” knife

It’s when Favreau’s character, Carl Casper, is in Miami and takes his son to the restaurant supply store that he buys him a Dexter knife.

This 10″ knife has four main characteristics I really like:

  • A lightweight handle (it’s hollow) that’s textured for easy handling
  • The handle is also contoured to reduce slippage
  • A carbon blade that’s also lightweight yet sturdy
  • Easy to clean (obviously, like any knife, but you’d think the handle would get grimy. It doesn’t.)


As I mentioned, I have two main chef knives.

One is a Misen that I saw advertised on Instagram. A green grape was cut in half with the open side down, and the Misen knife slowly cut through the top half, paper-thin slice by paper-thin slice, unaccompanied by a hand holding the grape in place. I was so impressed that I bought one. It is indeed a beautiful knife, but it took 4-5 weeks for delivery. Since it took so long to get to me and because of its price (~$45), I don’t use it much for fear of ruining it. Silly, I know.

But I use my Dexter knife during almost every serious meal I cook.

So: I’d recommend it highly. I’m an amateur, and this knife makes up for a lot of technique I don’t have.

Available on Amazon.

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