Essential Travel Gear | REVIEW: #1 Best Shoe For Texas Road Trips

If you think that traveling in boots or ropers will be comfortable after 12 hours going across Texas or 10 hours beating it from Amarillo to the beaches of Corpus Christi, then you haven’t tried the Adidas Cloudfoam…the #1 best shoe for Texas road trips.

Karen and I were recently in Kyle, Texas for the weekend, celebrating my birthday. We stayed at the Sage Hill Inn, which in and of itself is worth a 5-star review, and on Top view of AdidasSaturday morning we needed one or two items for our room, as well as some sneakers (some call them “tennis shoes”) for me, so we drove the ten minutes over to the mall. At Rack Room Shoes, a Charlotte, North Carolina-based chain but one that seems to have tons of stores in Texas and not many elsewhere, I thought I was done searching when I came across Adidas Cloudfoam.

Yes, “Cloudfoam”

I repeat the brand and name because CLOUDFOAM sounds so luxurious.

I want a mattress made out of it.

A desk chair.

Maybe even jeans.

adidas1(Maybe not jeans.) Here’s why I think they’re awesome.

  • For starters, you don’t need to lace them up. Not the version I have, pictured above. They’re slip-ons. As close to slippers that you get to wear in public as you’ll get. They also have pull tabs on the upper and the heel. If only my L.L. Bean winter boots — awesome in every other way — were easier to get on and off. Suctioning my foot out was like pulling it out of tar.
  • Mesh uppers. Therefore, quite breathable. Also a bit stretchy, so they feel roomier than another shoe of the same size.
  • Simple design and elegant make the shoe almost wearable for business situations.
  • Silver. They come in different colors, of course, but this metallic silver is awesome. I was turning 57, but I felt in my early 50s.

{but if you have a hankering for the even softer footwear…CLICK HERE}

Where to find them

The 4 best places to find Adidas Cloudfoam for men:

LOOK | 9/10

COMFORT | 10/10

PRICE | 8/10

AVAILABILITY | 5/10 (can’t seem to find my style online)

VALUE | 9/10


And while you’re in Kyle

Make sure to visit the Hays County Store, for pretty much the best burger and best onion rings in Texas. Be careful, though — seriously — about the intersection in front. We witnessed a horrendous accident just after sitting down at one of the outdoor picnic tables — everyone was eating outside some distance apart because of COVID — between a semi and minivan. So loud, so terrifying, but amazingly, the lady driving the minivan got away with a broken leg. The only injury, thank God.

Our waitress told us that DOT authorities have been meaning to resolve that situation.