Boerne City Lake

BringingUpTexans writes this: We are always looking for a way to beat the heat in the summers of Texas, and we visited Boerne City Lake for the first time three years ago. She continues:

We were excited to find a place that is fun and relaxing for the whole family. While we have only swum a handful of times, we find ourselves visiting the lake just to take in the scenery and walk around.

What was created as a means for flood control for the city of Boerne also serves as a great recreational spot for the Hill Country. The lake park is free for City of Boerne residents and requires a parking fee or seasonal pass for guests. The lake park has a small playground, restroom, a pavilion, volleyball courts, several picnic tables, and even a 9-hole disc golf course. There are walking trails up on the dam as well as around the park and shore of the lake.

When you enter city lake park you can choose to either take the road to the left or the right. To the left you will find the playground and restroom as well as the walking trail on the damn and volleyball courts. You will also find the boat launch and here you can rent paddleboards and boats to use. There are no motorized boats allowed on the lake; rather, you will find plenty of kayakers enjoying the calm waters. You will also find a fishing pier and plenty of swimming spots.

If you venture to the right you will find an easier spot to swim, called the beach, where the drop-off into the water is more gradual. There are a few covered picnic tables as well and additional parking. You can fish on the shores here or in a small inlet. While there are no restrooms located on this side, there is less walking to and from your vehicle.

Whatever your reason for a lake day, check out Boerne City Lake!

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Other things of note about Boerne City Lake: