Apparently, 16 minutes is necessary

Lunch break is not bringing me solace. Maybe I am reading the wrong news feed.

Because in my Feedly, there’s a story in my Texas folder (which comes after my Philippines folder) of:

  1. A toddler in Abilene being bitten by a rattlesnake…
  2. A man in Corpus Christi being bitten by a decapitated rattlesnake (this is 15 minutes after he severed it with a shovel and the out-of-control head released even more venom than usual), AND
  3. Karen knows someone who’s brother is recovering from a rattlesnake bite.

Isn’t it likely that it’s just a matter of time before one slithers up the toilet pipes when I least expect it? I mean, even a snake head can swim a short distance if we’re on the ground floor.


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