#1 Best Breakfast in Kerrville TX?


The best breakfast in Kerrville TX just might be Rita’s Famous Tacos on Earl Garrett Street.

Might be, that is, if long lines, low prices, and hit-the-spot Mexican on-the-go food are any indication.

“The Best Authentic Mexican Food in Kerrville”

As the sign says, they’re not joking.

best breakfast in Kerrville TX

You enter off Earl Garrett and stand — of course, now, during COVID — on a number. You might be #2 or #10, the way business has picked up at Rita’s. You’re going to be in and out in 7 minutes or less. But during the breakfast and lunch rushes, people who want the best breakfast in Kerrville or a quick lunch come here.

You get to the counter and first let them know whether the order is “for here” or “to go.”

For some reason, I like saying “for here” more than “to stay.” Maybe it’s because “staying” is less fun than “being here.”

The order

You order your breakfast taco on either a flour or corn tortilla which, I learned, are both made there.

You can also order nopalitos (cactus), which I highly recommend.

Pro Tip: nopalitos are great, but as they are water-based, they can be very messy when eating and also may make the corn tortillas mushy. They hold up better in the flour tortillas.

Let me also add here that Rita’s doesn’t sell salsa (or chips), but if you want to try my favorite salsa — a Texas-made all-natural salsa made without water, as almost every other one is — try Bernards by CLICKING HERE and use coupon code “AmericaDowntown10.”

Here are a few of my favorite tacos, from among the many, all ranging $3 to $3.50 (some have $0.25-0.50 surcharges because of the increased cost of meat during the pandemic).

  • The Rita: beans, eggs, potatoes, bacon, cheese
  • The Kyle: beans, fajita, egg, potato, cheese
  • The Dale: fajita, egg, cheese.
  • and, my favorite, Hill Boy: bacon, sausage, egg, onion, cilantro, jalapeño (with nopalitos!)

As for salsa, you can ask for salsa roja (red) or verde (green). I’m partial to the green.

Again, my favorite salsa anywhere is Bernards Gourmet foods tomatillo (salsa verde), available at H-E-B in about a third of their stores (including Fredericksburg and Boerne) and at their website here (FREE shipping until Labor Day; use coupon code AmericaDowntown10).

Where to sit…

best breakfast in Kerrville TX

You can sit inside, which is cheery and not too noisy, even with the TV over the arched entryway to the dining room. Your order will be brought to your table.

Outside, there used to be two tall-boy tables with two stools each on either side of the entrance.

During the pandemic, those have vanished, replaced by a metal bench that doesn’t afford much in the way to eat your very ample taco. You could sit down at PAX’s outside tables, but that’s a bit sleazy unless you order at least a coffee inside.

Breakfast alternatives to the “best breakfast in Kerrville TX”

My opinion about Rita’s is just that. Just one diner’s opinion.

While I prefer Rita’s first thing in the morning, here are some excellent options for the more casual breakfast:

  • Mary’s Tacos on Broadway
  • Alex’s Tacos on Memorial (toward Loop 534)
  • Stripes on Loop 534 and Memorial…true! Amazing fried bean burritos and excellent coffee. Burrito and a medium coffee for $2.42.
  • Del Norte on Main Street/Junction Highway
  • Hill Country Cafe on Main Street
  • Save Inn Restaurant on Sidney Baker toward I-10 (my favorite for a simple no-frills diner-type meal)
  • Monroe’s East End Grill on Water and G Streets
  • Rita’s Famous Tacos 2 in Ingram
best breakfast in kerrville tx

If you’re staying a while…:

Check out our recommendations on “The 3 Coolest Places to Stay in Kerrville.”

Don’t miss driving Scenic Harper Road.

And if you want a fantastic burger and all-natural old-timey, head to Liberty Burger in Ingram.

For pizza, Kerrville can’t compete with Comfort Pizza.

Enjoy Downtown Kerrville!

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